"The harsh and remote natural environs of Australia provide some of the most spectacular visual imagery on the planet. I like to dedicate as much time as possible immersing myself into that space. Spending long periods of time in these remote and powerful landscapes with the exquisite birdlife and observing the elements at work, reveals to me the essence required to put together the images I create.

    Fire. It can be profound and unsettling, bringing with it prolific life and beauty. It is an element I am becoming increasingly familiar with, using it in my work with great enthusiasm. Water. Another component of my art for which I have a strong fascination. When it flows through the great flood plains of the outback, it brings with it abundant animal and birdlife from all around the country.

    These adventures always stir the emotions leaving me with a feeling of awe and a great respect for nature. They present me with an enriched awareness and endless visual memories, generating the passion and intention to bring these ideas to life on a canvas.

    My creations represent what I see to be regular and mostly unobserved events happening throughout wild Australia. Very rarely will a painting show an image that I have actually seen; it will show the story I have created from my experiences within these moments of immersion in nature. This is my story telling.

    I see my art as a visual documentation of the elements in our natural world, a world that may not be available to some of us, or our children, in the future."